Bee Sweet Candle Company-New Beginnings

We (Sandra and I) decided we were going to start our own company while we were out exploring the world for 90 days. We were tired of working for other people, and tired of working the hours that they expected us to work. We started searching for things that we both love that we could start off as a Hobby business, or grow larger if we desired.

We kept coming back to candles.

A few weeks later I was reading a book that I read and used for reference while counseling and coaching men, in the back I had written a list of things that I love in life; the flame of a candle was on the list. It was decided!

Bee Sweet Candle Company was born.

After months of practicing making candles, testing wick sizes, making soap and setting up our online store we decided we would launch our venture in January of 2020. Our vision seems clearer! 

Thanks everyone for your support, and please try out our new candles and soaps!